• Monthly fees will be debited from your nominated account or credit card on the 1st of the month. These fees will then be scheduled to be direct debited from your nominated account or credit card by INTEGRAY PAY.

  • Fees must be paid 1 month in advance. For students joining after February 1st.

  • No refunds will be issued under any circumstances aside from our money back guarantee. 

  • Fees must be paid regardless of attendance.

  • Patrons must agree to pay the amount of all owing invoices for classes taken or agreed to take as per these terms and conditions. Failure to honour payment will result in debt recovery proceedings at your expense.

  • For students that start mid term, fees for that term will be charged pro-rata for the amount of days into that month so you are always ahead. This will mean your first debit may be different from expected however the second debit will be as normal.

  • In the unfortunate event that a direct debit attempt fails a $10 fee will be added to your account.


  • If a parent wishes to speak with a teacher, please do so at the beginning of class as to not affect the lessons after.

  • Students must be ready to enter class on time. It is advised to arrive approximately 10 minutes before your allocated class time. Lateness will be deducted from class time as to not affect the lessons after.

  • Parents are not permitted to enter classrooms unless invited. Please wait in parents waiting room or outside the studio for the classes to be over.

  • Students will be provided with all tools required for the lesson and are required to bring their music folders with them to each lesson.


  • If a student is sick, a makeup lesson can be scheduled. You are allowed 1 makeup lesson per term, makeup credits do not carry on to the following term. A Special Make-up day will be announced per term for students to catch up on missed lessons if an earlier time can not be agreed upon. If you can not make the makeup-day your lesson is forfeited.

  • Makeup credits will not be issued for missed classes that are not caused by sickness.

  • Extended periods of sickness without explanation or absence may result in your lesson being cancelled and open to the next student on the wait list.

  • Lesson cancellations can be easily organised through the student/parent portal or you may contact your teacher directly.

  • In the event that lessons can not be continued you must notify us in writing to accounts@wspc.com.au. As lessons are paid in advance you are welcome to continue lessons until the end of that month. All inclusions that have not been received or redeemed are fortified and no refunds will be provided.

Disclaimer: Although Western Sydney Performance Coaching will do everything within their power to help you achieve your goals and dreams, results can not be guaranteed and are predominantly determined by inherent talent, practice, dedication, determination, as well as the resources you chose to allocate to your progression.


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