Master the Basics of Singing and Achieve Great Vocals!

A solid foundation in the basics of singing is absolutely essential towards achieving a great voice. This is why we have decided to break down the basics of singing into simple and concise components, so that we can all understand the elementary topics we have to learn in order to improve on our vocal ability.

There are 5 Basic Components of Singing:

1. Pitch

2. Rhythm

3. Breath

4. Voice

5. Diction

Let us take a brief look at each of these topics:


We all know how it feels like to listen to someone sing off-key or out of tune, especially if we are in a small confined space with nowhere else to go…

This is why pitch is absolutely essential for great singing. Pitch refers to the notes and sounds that we hear when someone sings, and it determines if the song is going to sound great or not. The singer will have to hit various pitches in a song with a relative amount of accuracy in order to be in tune with the overall music accompaniment and harmonies.

Training ourselves to recognize pitches and intervals, to vocalize various notes as well as to correct ourselves when we go off-key is absolutely essential to achieving an accurate pitch when singing.


Every song has a certain beat, and it is essential that we keep to the basic rhythm of the song, or else we might find that we are constantly trying to catch up with the lyrics or always lagging behind. Rhythm also determines the groove of the song, and this is what gets us on our feet and dancing when we listen to upbeat or fast tempo songs!

A great sense of rhythm begins with learning to recognize various beat durations, to vocalize notes with different beats, as well as to be able to keep to the basic tempo of a song!


Breathing is an essential component of singing, and is what most singing instructors would introduce to students during their first lesson for singing. It is also what most people would want to learn about and also ask questions about.

What most people don’t realize is that breathing is actually a very natural process, and it is certainly not difficult to achieve better breath control for singing. Understanding how we breathe for singing will be of great aid to us in achieving a great breath foundation for singing!


Our voice is often taken for granted when we sing, and we usually focus too much attention on other components of singing, instead of seeking to strengthen our vocal apparatus in order to produce great sounds when singing.

Basic understanding of our voice and vocal cords is essential in order to guide us towards adopting beneficial singing habits, as well as producing sounds that are more relaxed and healthy for us to vocalize.


Learning how to produce sound with our voice is not enough. We still need to shape our voice, and form words in a language that our audience will understand.

This is why diction is also one of the vital basics of singing, because it determines whether our audience understands what we are singing, and whether we are able to connect with them through our song. Diction is also a key factor towards hitting the correct pitches, especially for the high notes.